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Pool Equipment


Your Pool Equipment Inspection and Repair Experts in Sterling VA

At Residential Pool Service, we perform professional pool equipment inspection and repair in Sterling VA. This process involves a thorough check of all the machinery and systems that keep your swimming pool in top condition.

Our regular pool equipment inspections, repairs, and upgrades ensure the safety of the pool for everyone who uses it. Also, we detect problems with equipment and solve them before they lead to significant damage or failure. Importantly, we help pool owners save money in the long run.

Pool Equipment Inspection Process

Before the inspection begins, we gather the necessary tools and review the layout of the pool and its equipment.

Our technicians understand the types of equipment installed, their age, and any previous maintenance records available. Then, we start with a visual inspection of all pool equipment, including pumps, filters, heaters, and cleaning systems.

Out inspector looks for signs of wear and tear, corrosion, leaks, and any other visible damage that could indicate underlying issues. We check the pump’s flow rate and pressure, verify the filter’s pressure and cleanliness, and ensure the heater activates and reaches the set temperature.

For cleaning systems, we inspect functionality and coverage.

Pool equipment inspection in Sterling, VA
Pool equipment repair in Sterling VA

Swimming pool equipment inspection follow-up

We always effectively address the findings of a pool equipment inspection. We carefully review the report to understand the condition of your pool equipment fully.

Our staff prioritizes the recommendations regarding safety, efficiency, and cost implications. For any repairs that require professional attention, we recommend assistance of qualified technicians.

We determine the optimal frequency for future pool equipment inspections based on the age of your pool, usage patterns, and local climate conditions.

Importantly, our staff keeps a detailed log of pool equipment inspections, repairs, and maintenance activities that can help track the health of your pool equipment over time.

Advantages of our pool equipment inspection


we offer professional advice on maintenance, upgrades, and efficiency improvements.

maintenance planning:

we schedule regular inspections and maintenance, preventing future issues and ensuring the pool remains in optimal condition.

Peace of mind and
increased property value:

we assure you that the pool is in good condition, and enhance its overall appeal and value.

Types of Pool Equipment Inspected During a pool equipment inspection, we check the functionality, safety, and efficiency of several components. This includes:

  • Filtration system: we inspect filters, pumps, and skimmers, since they are the heart of the pool’s circulation system, to ensure water is clean and clear
  • Water circulation system: we inspect pumps, return jets, and drain covers
  • Heating system: we take care that gas heaters, heat pumps, and solar heaters are efficient and safe
  • Cleaning systems: we detect possible issues with automatic pool cleaners, vacuum heads, brushes, nets, and skimmers
  • Chemical feeders: we inspect chlorinators, brominators, and chemical dosing systems
  • Plumbing and Electrical Systems: we check for leaks, proper connections, and safety compliance
  • Safety equipment – we inspect pool covers, fences, gates, and alarms
  • Lighting system – we take a look at the condition of underwater lights and landscape lighting
  • Additional features – we inspect water features, diving boards, slides, and spa equipment

Schedule an inspection

We are experienced pool technicians who can objectively inspect your pool equipment and repair all issues before they become serious.

We pay attention to wear and tear, leaks, electrical hazards, and signs of inefficient operation.

Our regular pool equipment inspections ensure safety and lead to significant cost savings by avoiding emergency repairs.

We improve the efficiency of pool equipment and provide you peace of mind knowing that the pool is in good condition.