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Our Story

About us

Residential Pool Service LLC

is Family owned and operated,
license and insured pool company.

We are dedicated to keeping your pool and/or spa as close to its original condition as possible resulting in a clean fresh and spotless pool you can be proud of all year long. We have a caring staff of professional pool service techs who provide our customers with the peace of mind that comes from having consistent, professionally balanced, sparkling clear water.

All that with combined great customer service makes us a perfect fit for you. Also, you’ll find our pricing very competitive. We worry about your pool like it’s our own. You’ll know our name, recognize our trucks and uniforms and always have access to a record of what we did each time we visit. You can always trust we’ll be there, on time even if you’re at work. Your satisfaction is the most important to us.


Our blog is your go-to resource for expert tips, industry insights, and inspiration to keep your aquatic oasis sparkling year-round.